Emotional Impact of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia, or the development of male breasts, is more than just a little extra fat on the chest, and the impact is greater too. Recent studies are showing that teenage boys with gynecomastia may experience a variety of emotional and psychological issues as the result of this condition. Our Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery practice performs gynecomastia surgery to reduce the appearance of male breasts, both physically and psychologically.

Breast Growth in Men

Although the appearance of breasts in men might be associated with the type of weight gain that commonly occurs in middle age, teenage boys are also susceptible to developing gynecomastia. This is the result of the fluctuating hormone levels that define puberty, and is often only temporary. However, “temporary” can feel like a lifetime when you’re subject to the teasing and bullying of your peers for a condition that’s out of your control.

Studies show that adolescent boys who have gynecomastia have significantly lower self-esteem than their peers, as well as more problems functioning socially. Mental health issues are seen more frequently in boys with abnormal breast development as well, evidenced by an increase in depression and anxiety rates and other unhealthy thought patterns.

In adult men with breast development, the psychological impact is much the same. Men with enlarged breasts have problems with self-confidence and depression, and have trouble feeling positive about their bodies.

Resolving Gynecomastia

Diet and exercise aren’t enough to eliminate male breasts that result from true gynecomastia, since they are made of a combination of glandular tissue and fatty tissue, just like female breasts. However, for Beverly Hills men whose breast appearance is due primarily to excess fat deposits that diet and exercise haven’t been able to resolve, liposuction may provide an effective solution.


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