How Do Men Feel about Implants?

Beverly Hills women considering breast implants may feel initially hesitant about their surgery for a variety of reasons: they’re worried the results won’t be what they hope for, they wonder if they’re making the right decision or maybe they have concerns about the surgery itself. One of the primary issues that women take into consideration before their breast augmentation is often what their boyfriends or husbands might think. How do men really feel about breast implants?

Visual Creatures

To understand how men feel about implants, first you need to understand that men are highly visual creatures. Seeing a beautiful, curvy woman is something that most men will not only love, but will probably have trouble looking away from. For that reason alone, it’s a rare man who doesn’t approve of a woman whose implants give her a great figure.

The other aspect of breast augmentation goes beyond just appearances, and many women are apprehensive about how the implants will feel. Will the implant be palpable? Or will their breasts feel like natural breasts, only larger? The truth is, a breast augmentation performed beautifully should be very hard to differentiate from a natural breast, either in looks or texture.

If concern over what the menfolk will think is holding you back from getting a breast augmentation, you can put that idea to rest. Most men are very positive about implants, and if any are shallow enough to complain about you getting them at all, maybe you’re better off without them. In the end, getting a breast augmentation should be something Beverly Hills women do for themselves, and not because of what anyone else thinks.


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