The Best Breast Augmentation Might Be a Breast Lift

Women who get breast implants are sometimes surprised when they realize that although their breasts are definitely larger following surgery, they’re not more uplifted. This is because, despite the persistent myth to the contrary, breast augmentation doesn’t change the placement of the breasts; implants only add volume. How can women ensure they’re getting breast augmentation results that are both full and high?

How Breast Lifts Help

If your breasts are a generous size, but sit naturally a bit lower than you’d like, a breast augmentation may not be the best solution. Adding more volume to low breasts will only exacerbate the issue, as the extra weight from the implants tends to enhance the effects of gravity.

In fact, women who already have plenty of natural breast tissue may not need implants at all to improve the appearance of their breasts. A breast lift reshapes and centers your existing tissue to create breasts that are firmer and higher, and can also center and reshape your nipple and areola for a more aesthetic look.

If your breasts have lost volume or have developed a deflated appearance in addition to shifting lower on your torso, combining an augmentation along with a lift is another popular option. The entire breast is shifted upward and the nipple recentered, while including implants adds an extra boost to your natural curves.

The first step in getting breast augmentation results you’ll love is to work closely with a surgeon who will address your concerns. From there, you can work together to decide if a lift might be the right type of enhancement for your breast.


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