The Importance of Realistic Expectations

Every cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills will tell you that one of the deciding factors for whether patients are happy with their final results or not depends largely on the expectations they had before going into surgery in the first place. Yet, setting the bar for realistic expectations can be challenging when you live in the middle of the entertainment industry capital of the world like we do. What are some good rules for staying grounded?

Your Own Worst Critic

A recent ad campaign for beauty products shows a room divided by a white curtain. On one side of the curtain sits an ordinary woman, who’s describing her appearance to the sketch artist on the other side of the curtain. Next, a new person enters the scene who also visually describes the woman’s appearance to the sketch artist. At the end of the ad, the two sketches are compared.

The results of this experiment are very telling. The pictures drawn from women’s own descriptions of themselves show very exaggerated negative features, while pictures drawn from an outside observer’s standpoint are much more accurate.

Maintaining realistic expectations means understanding that what you view as glaring flaws may not even be noticeable to the outside world. It’s also important to know that while cosmetic surgery can make a big difference in your appearance, which can impact the way you feel about yourself, it may not change other aspects of your life, like feeling dissatisfied personally or professionally.

We are absolutely our own worst critics, especially when it comes to appearances. This leads to making very subjective opinions about getting breast augmentation, lipo or other cosmetic procedures. For Beverly Hills men and women considering cosmetic surgery, the key is to stay grounded and realistic.


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