3 Advantages of Anatomical Implants

The newest implants available for breast augmentation in Beverly Hills are anatomically shaped instead of round like their predecessors. These form-stable implants are made of a highly cohesive silicone gel, dubbed “gummy bear” implants. What are some of the advantages of these anatomical implants?

1. Natural Shape

The natural shape of the breast is thinner on top, with most of the fullness toward the bottom. Most breast implants are round, which adds fullness to both the top and bottom of the breast. While some women prefer this dramatic look, others feel that the volume up high makes their breast augmentation look too obvious. With anatomical implants, the teardrop shape mimics the curves of a natural breast for subtle, beautiful enhancement every time.

2. Textured Surface

With anatomical implants, it’s very important to ensure that the implant doesn’t shift after placement. To this end, the outer shells of the implants are textured to give the surrounding tissues a better grip that will help keep the implant in place. This rougher surface also minimizes the risk of developing the hardened scar tissue capsule around the implant known as capsular contracture.

3. Improved Results

The feel of the anatomical gummy bear implants is closer to the feel of natural breast tissue than any other implants available today. Their texture makes them ideal for performing breast augmentations in women with very little natural breast tissue, since there are no concerns that there will be issues with rippling or implant visibility that’s sometimes associated with other types of implants.

Although there are clear benefits to the anatomical implants, remember that the results of your cosmetic surgery really come down to the skill of your surgeon. Find the best cosmetic first, and beautiful, natural results will follow regardless of implant type.


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