Completing Your Weight Loss Accomplishment

There is a lot of emphasis on looking trim and fit here in Beverly Hills. As such, weight loss is often one of the primary goals of patients, especially around New Year’s resolution time. While reaching a target weight is a great step in getting the body you want, many people don’t realize that drastic, rapid weight loss leaves something else behind: extra skin

Physical Changes

There are a lot of changes that occur when you lose weight. Fat deposits become smaller, the abdomen and breasts become less pronounced, and thighs and buttocks lose volume. These can all be welcome changes. However, one area of the body that can’t usually keep up is your skin.

Skin is elastic, and has spent years stretching to accommodate those extra pounds. When the underlying fat is lost, the skin doesn’t shrink at the same rate as the fat. As a result, even once you’ve reached your target weight, you may find that your body has several areas of unsightly hanging skin left behind. While this can happen nearly anywhere on the body, like the thighs and upper arms, it’s often most pronounced around the abdominal area.

Getting Trim

The only way to eliminate this excess skin on your abdomen following weight loss is with a tummy tuck. Our Beverly Hills practice can help your body look the way you imagined it would when you first started on your weight loss journey, by eliminating all that skin and giving you the slim lines you hoped for. Limited or mini tummy tucks have a small hidden scar within the bikini area. Endoscopic tummy tucks, which are Dr. Sayah’s forte, have even a smaller 2 inch incision at the pubis area through which the tummy is tightened.


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