Bringing Out the Best in Your Breast Augmentation

The popularity of the TV series Mad Men and curvy celebrities like Scarlet Johansson have helped bring a resurgence in the popularity of the hourglass figure. For many of my Beverly Hills breast augmentation patients, liposuction can be added as a combined procedure to enhance natural assets and bring out the best curves.

Beauty Standards

In Victorian days, some women would have their lower ribs removed to allow for an even tighter cinching of their corsets. This gave them the extreme “wasp waist” hourglass shape that was the beauty standard of the day. Marilyn Monroe and other curvaceous stars helped make the 1950s and 60s the new age of the hourglass figure. For these women, the latest fashions (plus the aid of less extreme corsets) accentuated the natural fullness above and below a much smaller waistline.

An hourglass figure is the product of both skeletal structure and fat distribution; women with a little more room between their ribcage and pelvis are able to achieve a narrower waist compared to those without that distance. The ideal hourglass figure has equal hip and breast measurements, with the waist measurement running much smaller.

These days, Los Angeles women are turning toward cosmetic surgery procedures like liposuction to help trim down their waists. For women who are already naturally curvy and at a healthy weight, liposuction can smooth out the lines of the waist, love handles and any fat deposits on the back to create more aesthetic curves. Then, above the newly slender waist, breast implants may be used to further enhance the bust measurement, making the waist look even smaller by comparison.

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