How Breast Surgery Revision Corrects Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is the most common complication of breast augmentation surgery, occurring in about 10 percent of cases. What is capsular contracture, and how can breast surgery revision help correct it?

Internal Changes

Although it’s normal for a capsule of scar tissue to develop around the implant after surgery, in some cases that scar tissue becomes thick enough to compromise the surgical pocket. When this happens, the implant can be pushed up or down as the surgical pocket becomes too small for the implant. In higher grades of capsular contracture, the breast may feel rigid to the touch, or even painful.

Breast surgery revision remains the most reliable treatment option for capsular contracture. This procedure can help breasts regain a soft, pliable look and feel again, as well as ensure that the implant settles properly once more. The two options for surgery are either a capsulectomy or a capsulotomy.

Although the names are quite similar, a capsulectomy is the full removal of the scar tissue capsule, and may include implant replacement as well. A capsulotomy either releases the scar tissue enough for the implant to settle properly, or removes a smaller portion of scar tissue. Either option helps women feel more physically comfortable, as well as restoring confidence in their appearance.

The most important thing to remember about capsular contracture is that it shouldn’t be something that anyone just has to live with. Instead, a skilled surgeon who specializes in breast surgery revision can help you look and feel your best again.


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