The Best Approach for Beautiful Explantation Results

Although breast augmentation carries one of the highest post-operative satisfaction ratings of any cosmetic procedure, not every woman will be happy with her results. While breast revision surgery can be performed to change the size, shape or placement of an implant, some women may choose to simply have their implants removed altogether. Without the added volume provided by the implants, how can surgeons ensure a beautiful final profile?

Incorporating Mastopexy

After implants are first inserted into the surgical pocket, the body adapts in a number of ways. The skin stretches to accommodate the additional volume, while the placement of the implant puts pressure on the breast tissue, stretching that out as well. The body also forms a capsule of scar tissue around the implant. Depending on the patient’s age, skin elasticity and breast tissue texture, the breast may or may not return to its pre-implantation size and shape after explantation.

In older women or those who had little natural tissue to begin with, the body may not spring back as hoped for. In this case, incorporating a mastopexy (breast lift) to reshape the existing breast and restore a higher, more youthful placement can be ideal for creating a fuller final profile after explantation.

Going Smaller Instead of Removal

Another option is to choose smaller implants instead of complete removal. This may avoid the necessity of a mastopexy while still providing a foundation for the augmented breast shape, albeit a less prominent one. For many women, a smaller implant or one with a lower profile can help them achieve their cosmetic goals without giving up the benefits of additional volume.


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