4 Ways You Can Improve Breast Symmetry with Implant Revision

Even women without breast implants typically have some degree of asymmetry between their breasts, so a breast augmentation that doesn’t compensate for this factor can make the issue even more apparent. For visibly noticeable unevenness after breast augmentation, breast implant revision can help correct asymmetry.

1. Choose a Larger Implant on One Side

A simple size difference, without other issues that need to be addressed, can often be balanced just by using implants of slightly different volumes. When there are no dramatic differences in the width or location of the breasts, correcting asymmetry with implant revision can be a very straightforward proposition.

2. Choose a Different Profile for Each Side

For patients whose asymmetry is related to the shape of their breasts, opting for different profiles between the two implants can often improve breast shape. Breast implants of different profiles will vary in how wide they are at the base, so if one breast appears wider than the other, using a lower-profile implant can sometimes create a more symmetrical appearance.

3. Perform a Reduction on the Larger Size

When one breast is larger than the other, a patient must decide if she wants to augment the smaller breast to match the larger one, or vice versa. If a patient decides she’d like to use her smaller breast as the model, a symmetrical look may be achieved with a minor reduction on the larger breast.

4. Perform a Lift on One Side

If asymmetry is due to nipple location or significant sagging, breast implants alone are unlikely to deliver a satisfactory result. A breast lift can reshape existing tissue for a fuller, firmer look, along with centered, even nipples, with or without making changes to the implants themselves.


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