3 Key Considerations for a Successful Breast Surgery Revision

From a patient’s perspective, it’s easy to assume that improving the results of a previous breast augmentation should be pretty straightforward. For the most part, this assumption is correct—yet there are three primary technical considerations that plastic surgeons need to consider when evaluating whether you’re a candidate for successful breast surgery revision.

1. Your Incision

Sometimes breast surgery revision is best performed using a different incision location. This is because every time a plastic surgeon uses the same incision site, the skin’s strength in the area decreases more. In fact, after any injury, the skin structure only regains about 70 percent of its tensile strength. For this reason, it’s important to evaluate whether another surgery could further deteriorate the area around the incision, and possibly lead to other complications as a result.

2. Breast Tissue Thinning

Implants that are very large, especially when used on women with very little natural breast tissue, can cause excessive thinning of the skin, along with the thinning of breast tissue. Not only does this fact serve as a cautionary tale for those considering outsized implants in the first place, those woman who are already struggling with this issue may require the addition of internal support using a dermal matrix in order to maintain their new look.

3. Healing Response

No matter what the statistics for “average recovery time” may say, each individual heals differently. Your body’s natural healing response influences factors such as the risks of developing capsular contracture or other complications as well as your overall recovery time. Some women return more than once for breast surgery revision due to capsular contracture, only to find that the condition recurs a second time. Unfortunately, this remains one of the mysteries of medical science that surgical skill alone can’t be guaranteed to prevent. If your history indicates this type of pattern, your plastic surgeon may recommend against further revisions.

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