Can Liposuction Really Work for Breast Reduction?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately over the idea of “scarless” breast reduction. This fancy phrase isn’t describing a new technique, but instead refers to the idea of using liposuction as the primary tool for breast reduction rather than the traditional surgical approach. Is this method really that effective?

The Best Candidates

The success of any cosmetic procedure is dependent on two primary factors: the patient’s candidacy and the surgeon’s skill level. Seeing positive results from breast reduction performed via liposuction is very dependent on the former.

As many studies have shown, the use of liposuction for breast reduction is limited. This is because the breasts are comprised of both fatty tissue (which is removable through lipo) and glandular breast tissue (which can only be removed surgically). Women with very large breasts or significant sagging (ptosis) won’t see the same level of correction with scarless breast reduction that’s possible with traditional reduction techniques, because no surgeon can remove glandular tissue with lipo.

Additionally, it’s quite common to include a breast lift as part of the reduction process for the best results. This creates a perky, uplifted silhouette through reshaping the remaining breast tissue after reduction, and isn’t possible to perform during a liposuction-only breast reduction.

Lipo’s Place in Breast Reduction Surgery

So does liposuction have any place in breast reduction surgery? Absolutely. In the right candidate, breast reduction through liposuction alone can deliver beautiful results. Lipo can also be used for finely contouring the breast shape and surrounding areas in combination with traditional reduction surgery. In the end, the question of whether or not liposuction will be effective for your breast reduction comes down to a matter of your specific needs and cosmetic goals, along with the advice of your plastic surgeon.

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