Two Times When Revision Surgery Might Not Be Worth It

Although the whole purpose of breast implant revision surgery is to improve the look of an earlier augmentation, sometimes a second surgery just might not be worth it, especially when the goal should be for improvement and not perfection. Here are two examples of times when it might be better to focus on the positive instead.

Barely Noticeable Asymmetry

No woman in the world has perfectly symmetrical breasts either before or after augmentation. In cases where there’s noticeable asymmetry between sides, implants can help make breasts look more even. Breast revision surgery can also create a more even look if one implant seems visibly different than the other. In some cases, though, the variations between breasts may be barely discernable to anyone but the patient, and a second surgery is a needless risk to take for results that may or may not be minutely more even.

When Bigger Isn’t Better

When very small-breasted women pursue breast augmentation, they’re often be told that they can only go up to a certain implant size because their existing tissue can’t accommodate larger implants. After a year or so of living with implants, it’s only natural to assume that the skin has been “stretched” enough that going larger is now a possibility.

Although certainly implants can help improve the natural shape of the breast to some extent, there does come a point where it’s no longer realistic do go larger, given your natural anatomy. A modestly sized, well-performed breast augmentation that’s in perfect proportion with your frame will always look more flattering than implants that are overwhelming. If your breasts look beautiful and natural after augmentation, that’s a far more important consideration than going indiscriminately larger.


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