More Men Seeking a Strong, Superhero-Inspired Jawline

If you’ve gone to the movies in the past year, chances are you saw a flick or a preview for a superhero movie. Captain America, the Avengers, Spider-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy recently graced the silver screen, and studios have planned to release more superhero movies in the future.

Have you noticed that the actors portraying these heroes have a certain feature in common? They all have strong, chiseled jawlines. Think of Chris Pratt from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” or Chris Evans, who portrays Captain America.

Strong jaws are also quite common among chief business executives. According to one plastic surgeon who studied photos of 50 CEOs from Fortune 500 companies, 90 percent of the executives had “nonreceding to prominent chins.” Less than half of the U.S. population shows this trait.

If you envy the facial appearance of your favorite superhero actor or power CEO, you can achieve a similar look with the help of chin augmentation. Here, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. David Sayah explains how.

What Chin Augmentation Can Accomplish

Chin augmentation is designed for individuals with a weak or receding chin. This may be a genetic trait, or the bone may resorb as part of the aging process.

Chiseling and defining the chin can improve the overall harmony and balance of the face. For example, it can make a large nose look smaller, or the face look more prominent in general.

A recent New York Times piece explored the rising popularity of chin augmentation, and found that more men desire the granite-jawed look than ever before. Whether it’s to satisfy their superhero dreams or to remain competitive in the workplace, plastic surgeons are providing plenty of options to satisfy the demand.

How Chin Augmentation Is Performed

Dr. Sayah performs chin augmentation with chin implants crafted from a soft rubber-plastic material. The implants are manufactured in different shapes and sizes to provide the desired result. The implant material has been used for medical purposes for more than 20 years, and is very compatible with the body.

Dr. Sayah makes a small incision either inside the mouth (where the lower lips meets the teeth) or underneath the chin. He creates a small pocket directly over the bone and carefully positions the implant. After the chin heals, the implant will look and feel natural.

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