The Benefits of Male Breast Reduction

In one of his recent blog posts, Dr. David Sayah discussed the most popular plastic surgery procedures for men. One of the procedures included on the list was male breast reduction, which is performed to restore a classically masculine shape to an oversized chest. For men that are deeply bothered by the appearance of enlarged breasts, this operation can be life-changing. Here, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon David Sayah discusses the benefits of having the surgery.

Cosmetic Improvement

The goal of male breast reduction is to remove unwanted breast tissue and improve the contours of the chest. After healing from male breast reduction, the chest looks better clothed and unclothed. It is flatter, feels firmer and has more definition. Without a barrier of excessive fat or glandular tissue, the pectoralis muscles are more accentuated, like they should be.

Greater Self-Confidence

With a more attractive appearance, patients find that their self-image and confidence increases exponentially. They are no longer shy about their bodies, nor do they have to avoid taking their shirts off in public. They pursue new opportunities and have the confidence they need to enter the dating world or job market.

Depending on the specific case, the psychological benefits of surgery can be even greater. Patients that used to experience insecurity, anxiety or depression because of large breasts often find these issues resolve with a more “normal”-looking chest.

Shirts and Jackets are More Flattering

Patients usually find it easier to buy shirts and jackets that fit their newly shaped chest. They don’t have to worry about oversized breasts or puffy nipples protruding through thin shirts. Slim-fitting shirts become more flattering, and old, baggy shirts that used to hide a larger chest can be thrown away (or donated).

Reduction in Skin Irritation and Rashes

Patients that have excessively large breasts reduced and a good amount of skin removed often find that the procedure alleviates chronic skin irritation and rashes. The skin may be easier to keep clean, too.

Motivation to Lose Weight

The results of male breast reduction surgery can motivate certain patients to shed excess weight in other areas of the body. Having a sculpted chest is an inspiration to re-shape the rest of the body to match.

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