How to Get the Most from CoolSculpting

How to get the most from CoolSculpting is a minimally invasive solution to stubborn fatty areas that are resistant to exercise and diet. With no surgery or downtime required, patients can enjoy a slimmer, fit physique sooner than through traditional surgical body contouring treatments like liposuction. Because of this, more patients are flocking to plastic surgery offices around the nation, including the office of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. David Sayah. Many of Dr. Sayah’s patients wonder how they can make the results of this innovative treatment last. In this blog post, Dr. Sayah shares a few tips on how to ensure your results are beautiful and long-lasting.

1. Eat Healthier

Because CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells permanently from the treatment area, the results are considered to be permanent. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your part in maintaining your slimmer figure. Future weight gain is possible after CoolSculpting, but instead of returning to the treatment area, it will be more evenly distributed on the body. The best way to maintain your results is through a healthy lifestyle, including eating a well-balanced diet. Eat plenty of foods high in vitamins and minerals, and steer clear from foods high in sugar and saturated fat.

2. Exercise Regularly

Another huge component in making your CoolSculpting results last is exercising regularly. Your exercise program should include a balance of strength training, cardio and flexibility. CoolSculpting requires very little to no downtime, and most patients are able return to their normal routine, including exercising immediately, after the treatment. However, it’s always best to get Dr. Sayah’s approval before starting or resuming your exercise program.

3. Choose a Board-Certified Surgeon

When choosing to undergo CoolSculpting (or any plastic surgery procedure for that matter), it is important to always work with a board certified plastic surgeon. A board certified plastic surgeon has earned a degree from an accredited medical school and has completed specialized surgical training. In addition to this, your plastic surgeon should be skilled and experienced in the specific procedure you seek. Dr. Sayah has performed CoolSculpting on countless men and women and is highly sought out for his skill and care.

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