Debunking Liposuction Myths

Despite the popularity of liposuction, we still hear a lot of misconceptions and questions about the lipo procedure from our Beverly Hills patients. While lipo can deliver terrific results, there are still plenty of things that the procedure cannot accomplish. Having realistic expectations before undergoing any cosmetic procedure is essential to achieving results you can feel positive about.

Liposuction and Weight Loss

Probably the most common misconception about liposuction is that the procedure is a solution to weight loss. The truth is, while some weight may be lost as a byproduct of removing excess fat deposits, the weight loss itself is not the goal of the procedure. Instead, Dr. Sayah uses liposuction as a body sculpting technique to help fine-tune your shape. In fact, lipo will deliver better results if your weight reaches a stable goal and remains steady well before scheduling your appointment. The best way to reach your target weight is still to eat sensibly and live an active lifestyle. Areas that aren’t affected by diet and exercise, like the love handles, can then be safely and effectively sculpted away through liposuction.

Liposuction and Cellulite

Physical appearance and beauty is very important in a city like Beverly Hills. Liposuction can be an important tool to help maintain your appearance. Yet, some patients come to us hoping that liposuction will help them get rid of visible cellulite as well. While it’s true that fat cells are one of the contributing factors of cellulite, liposuction doesn’t impact the other contributing factor: connective tissue.

The way fat cells push against the web of connective tissue is what gives cellulite its distinctive lumpy appearance. Although lipo does remove fat cells, it cannot remove the tough tissue strands the cells are pressing against. In fact, the fat cells that are caught within the connective tissue web are inaccessible to the cannula, the surgical wand that removes fat cells during lipo. Although there are cosmetic treatments that may reduce the appearance of cellulite, liposuction isn’t one of them.

Liposuction Permanence

While it is true the fat cells that are removed during liposuction are permanently removed, it is not true that you’ll never gain weight again. There are fat cells in virtually every area of the body. While there are some areas that are more likely to build up fat deposits than others, like the belly, thighs or upper arms, there is no area where weight gain is impossible, even after liposuction.

While lipo may remove the majority of fat cells in a targeted area, no surgeon can remove all of them. Any partial fat cells that remain behind are capable of storing fat that leads to weight gain and changes in body shape. However, if you maintain a reasonable diet and enjoy an active lifestyle, there’s no reason that the effects of your liposuction can’t make a long-term difference in your appearance.

True Benefits of Lipo

Despite talking about all the things liposuction cannot do, there are still very clear benefits to the procedure. Primarily, lipo addresses the fatty deposits that diet and exercise can’t eliminate on their own, and that can’t be treated by any other method. It’s also a less invasive solution than surgery, yet still able to deliver impressive results. This is great news for those who already live a healthy lifestyle and who just want to contour their body more aesthetically.


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