3 Signs That You Could Benefit from Breast Reduction

When most women think about improving the appearance of their breasts, they automatically assume enhancement means going larger. For some women, though, breast reduction is the answer for feeling better about the size and shape of their breasts.

Various Reasons for Breast Reduction

Beverly Hills women may want breast reduction for a number of different reasons. What are the primary reasons for choosing breast reduction?

  • Back Problems: Neck and back pain is a very common issue for women with large breasts. The average breast weighs between one and two pounds, but a breast reduction can remove several pounds of fat and tissue. That’s a lot of extra weight for your upper back to carry around every day.
  • Exercising Hassles: Of course we realize that you want to stay healthy and active, but when basic activities like jogging or using the treadmill cause you physical pain, that can become a poor motivator. Women with large breasts, even while wearing supportive sports bras, may find regular exercise too painful before reduction.
  • Improved Self-Esteem: Women with generous breasts often feel overly self-conscious about their bodies, which can lead to emotional issues including low self-esteem. They may also find themselves victims of teasing about their breast size, which can make them feel even worse.

Looking at the Signs

If you think you might be a candidate, here are three signs that you could benefit from breast reduction.

  1. Persistent Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain
    Like we mentioned above, nagging pain through the upper back, neck and shoulder area is one of the hallmarks of breasts that could benefit from a reduction. These issues are caused not only by the excess weight of the breasts, but also by the poor posture that typically results from that extra weight. Breast reduction can help relieve back pain and stiffness caused by large breasts.
  2. Reluctance to Exercise
    Beyond just the basic reluctance to exercise that many of us feel, women with overlarge breasts can experience significant discomfort during physically active pursuits. This includes regular exercise as well as hobbies and other physical activities, like running marathons or surfing. Breast reduction can create a breast size and shape that’s more conducive to an active lifestyle.
  3. Skin Rashes and Irritations
    It’s very common for women with large breasts to develop skin rashes or irritations below the breast. The skin on the underside of the breast chafes constantly against the ribcage, causing raw spots that can lead to other issues like yeast infections. Developing gouges from bra straps digging into the shoulders is another sign that you could benefit from a breast reduction.

If any of these sounds like what you’re experiencing, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment at our practice in Beverly Hills. Dr. David Sayah, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing breast reductions. He will be able to work with you to hopefully relieve your physical discomfort while also delivering beautiful, flattering results.*


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