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Dr. Sayah
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Meet Dr. Sayah

Dr. David Sayah is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in natural-looking plastic surgery results. His Beverly Hills practice strives to provide excellent care through innovative techniques, including state-of-the-art lasers, endoscopic breast augmentation, and minimally invasive facelifts. For innovative non-surgical treatments, he has also cultivated a renowned medical skincare facility, Centre Epiderme.

Dr. Sayah believes in a whole lifestyle philosophy of care and touts the benefits of exercise, a healthy diet, preventive medicine, and professional skincare treatments to a person’s total beauty and wellbeing. He and his in-house multidisciplinary team, which includes an internal medicine physician, exercise physiologist, nutritionist, and lifestyle coach, take a comprehensive approach to revealing health and beauty in patients.

Men and women have come to trust Dr. Sayah for the ultimate in beauty and reconstructive and plastic surgery. Thanks to his reputation and dedication to patient care, he has been honored with several exclusive industry affiliations. Dr. Sayah maintains partnerships and relationships with many of the finest hotels, stores, and fitness facilities in Los Angeles, which allows his experienced concierge staff cater to every patient need, from travel arrangements and shopping to personal training and more.

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Molding the Surgeon

Dr. Sayah earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry at UCLA with numerous honors. Remaining at UCLA in the David Geffen School of Medicine, he graduated among the top of his class with an honors thesis in surgery and delivered a speech during the prestigious Hippocratic Oath Ceremony. He went on to specialize in general surgery at the NYU Langone Medical Center, gaining extensive experience in trauma and critical care. Dr. Sayah then trained at UCLA Medical Center, the country’s premier plastic surgery training program, and completed a successful fellowship in the highly specialized field of endoscopic plastic surgery.

Merging Art & Science

Dr. Sayah developed and utilizes a specialized treatment method for difficult scars and abnormal scar formation, courtesy of his extensive research on wound healing and scarring. Using advanced endoscopic techniques, he minimizes incisions to shorten recovery time and maximize results.* Dr. Sayah is also an oil painter and sculptor and views his medical practice as not just a science, but an art. He considers ethnic and cultural ideals of beauty when performing procedures, and performs liposculpture rather than simple liposuction. Thanks to his ability to skillfully create natural results, Dr. Sayah boasts celebrity patients and press the world over, including Paris, London, Monaco, Japan, Italy, Australia, China, the Middle East and Russia.

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