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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery for Men

Carving Out the Grecian God Within You

While most plastic surgery procedures are geared toward women, we at the Sayah Institute know full well that men are just as eager to construct the body they’ve always wanted. Perhaps many of these Beverly Hills plastic surgeons do favor women because it takes a higher level of finesse and vision to sculpt the perfect male physique – the very finesse and vision Dr. Sayah possesses.*

Full Range of Cosmetic Procedures

Understanding the complete male form is something Dr. Sayah has achieved in his 15 years as an aesthetic surgeon. Men want a youthful, but piercing face complemented by a solid torso and lower body that visibly challenge the skin with protuberant and toned muscle.

In order to achieve this complete, ideal form, we offer the following procedures:

Our comprehensive, male plastic surgery procedures are designed to cover each of the areas men most want to improve. From your hair and face to your abdominals and calves, the chiseled, impressive appearance you’ve always dreamed of obtaining can begin with a simple and free consultation.*

Meeting Your Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sayah is an internationally renowned plastic surgeon highly demanded by the world’s most successful individuals looking to complete their appearance. In addition to earning prestigious scholarships and awards as a medical student and professional, Dr. Sayah is also an accomplished artist. It’s his combination of surgical excellence and artistic vision that creates his wildly sought-after results. Working with Dr. Sayah means something akin to the revealing of David underneath its slab of marble.*

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