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Patient: 493 Eyelid Surgery

This 34 year old man came to the office of Dr. David Sayah for nose and eyelid surgery. The patient felt his nose was too large and complained that a deviated septum caused him trouble breathing. He also hoped that during the surgery on his nose he could correct the heaviness in his upper eyelids and the glabeller frown lines between his eyes.

During his consultation, Dr. Sayah asked the patient to describe what his idea of a perfect nose would look like. The patient explained that he wanted a smaller and more refined nose. He felt that the frown lines aged him and the large nose drew attention to the heaviness of his brow and eyelids. Dr. Sayah suggested a Rhinoplasty to reshape his nose and a Blepharoplasty to remove the loose skin from his upper eyelids.

The challenge was to reduce and sculpt the nose while still keeping a natural and masculine look. Dr. Sayah was careful to remove only a small amount of tissue from the tip of the patient’s nose in order to keep its masculine shape. The patient is very happy with his results, he feels that his eyes look more youthful and vibrant and enjoys the new sleek look of his nose.

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