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Patient: 475 Rhinoplasty

After researching plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills this 24 year-old woman came to the office of Dr. David Sayah to discuss her interest in having surgery on her nose. The patient was not only unhappy with the way that her nose looked but also explained that a deviated septum caused her difficulty breathing. She complained of an obstructed airway and expressed that although she had tried several of her own nonsurgical methods like using decongestants she had no success in keeping her airway clear.

During her consultation with the doctor she confided that she didn’t like the way that her nose looked on her face and felt that it was too large in comparison to her other features. She hoped that with the surgery to clear her airways she could also improve the shape and positioning of her nose to look smaller and more centered on her face. Dr. Sayah reviewed her case and agreed that she would benefit from a septoplasty to clear her nasal airways and a rhinoplasty to improve its appearance. He counseled the patient to describe her ideal nose so that he could sculpt and reposition it during surgery.

The patient is shown here approximately 2 months after her surgery. Dr. Sayah was careful to create a natural looking, slimmer nose. The challenge was to achieve the aesthetic that the patient was looking for while still keeping a natural congruency with her other facial features. As you can see in the photo he has reduced the dorsal hump and smoothed and re-centered her nose. He also sculpted and slimmed the bulbous area at the tip of her nose to a thinner, more dynamic shape. The patient is very happy with her nose and loves the way that it elongates her face and accentuates her eye

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