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Breast Revision Surgery in Beverly Hills

Want to Achieve the Ultimate Beauty? Let Dr. Sayah Help.

As a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. David Sayah specializes in repairing and revising cosmetic breast surgery results from other surgeons. If you are unhappy with the result you achieved, and it's causing you to feel self-conscious about the appearance of your breasts, help is available.

You don't have to live with unsatisfactory results. The Sayah Institute goes above and beyond to ensure patients feel comfortable, relaxed, safe, and well cared for. Combining his artistic sensibilities as a painter and sculptor and his medical background as a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sayah is able to deliver exceptional and beautiful results for his patients.

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How The Sayah Institute Can Help You

Dr. Sayah has over a decade of experience performing breast revision surgery procedures for women who are not satisfied with their original procedure.

These can include the following:

Whenever possible, Dr. Sayah seeks to use the least invasive surgical repair option possible so that you can achieve a much better breast appearance without additional scarring. In many cases, he is able to make new incisions where the original incisions were, thus minimizing new scar formation. He is highly skilled and experienced in revision breast surgery, and looks forward to earning your trust so that you can feel assured of your breast surgery outcome.

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