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Beverly Hills CoolSculpting®

Get the Beautiful, Toned Body You Want

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. David Sayah, is pleased to be one of the first practitioners to offer CoolSculpting® with Zeltiq and laser fat sculpting with Zerona® in Beverly Hills. This breakthrough, noninvasive treatments are inviting alternatives to surgical removal of fat cells through liposuction or other procedures. Through the use of CoolSculpting® and Zerona®, our patients can finally reduce those troublesome fat deposits which have remained resistant to diet and exercise.*

To further discuss these liposuction alternatives in Beverly Hills and find out how you can look slimmer without surgery, call Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Sayah at (310) 385-0000.

How They Work

CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq is a completely non-invasive, non-surgical procedure which doesn’t harm any of the surrounding areas. Because fat cells crystallize in response to cold at a faster rate than other cells, fat cells have a greater vulnerability to cooling than the tissues surrounding them. Applying prolonged cooling to the targeted fat deposits will cool the fat cells enough to trigger their natural death.

  • Benefits of CoolSculpting® with Zeltiq:
  • Less traumatizing to the body than other forms of fat cell removal
  • Does not artificially remove the cells from the body
  • Allows cells to be metabolized and absorbed naturally

Zerona® can melt the fat using laser energy. Every substance has an ideal energy absorption and Zerona® target fat cells by laser at the particular wavelength unique to fat. Since the laser only penetrates to a limited depth, deeper tissues are not affected by Zerona®.*

The best candidates for CoolSculpting® with Zeltiq or laser fat sculpting with Zerona® are those who have already achieved a stable weight and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, yet have one or two problem areas which simply aren’t able to be resolved through diet and exercise alone. CoolSculpting® and Zerona® are popular choices for men and women who aren't quite ready for liposuction surgery.


CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq or laser fat sculpting with Zerona® take about an hour per targeted area so that a full session may take just one hour or a few hours depending on the desired results. The special CoolSculpting® device or the Zeltiq handpiece is applied directly to the area of concern. Patients are awake during the procedure, and will not require either general or local anesthesia.

In fact, many patients can work on their laptop, read or even nap if they choose to while undergoing treatment. Following the treatment, you can immediately return to work. Some patients even come in over their lunch break for the ultimate convenience. More than one session is required with either CoolSculpting® or Zerona® for best results.

After the Procedure

Since CoolSculpting® with Zeltiq and laser fat sculpting with Zerona® are completely non-invasive, there is no downtime required after the procedures. Correspondingly, there is virtually zero pain afterward (though there may be some tingling or numbness). There is also a lack of swelling, pain or bruising associated with CoolSculpting® with Zeltiq or laser fat sculpting with Zerona® since the fat cells are targeted directly with no trauma to adjacent areas of the body.*

CoolSculpting® by Zeltiq or laser fat sculpting with Zerona® results should be apparent in just a few weeks. The fat cells will die off over the days and weeks following the initial treatment, and your body will absorb them and dispose of them. As the fat cells die off, the pockets of fatty tissue which were treated become smaller and smaller. Many patients find that a single treatment is enough to achieve the results they want, while others may return for repeat treatments for further sculpting.*

The final results will be visible by a few months after your treatment. There are no scars or any other permanent evidence of having had any procedure done whatsoever. You can return immediately to your normal routine, even including exercise and other vigorous activities.*

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