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Ultherapy in Beverly Hills

Lift & Tone Your Skin Without Any Surgery!

Ultherapy at our Beverly Hills office is a nonsurgical treatment that uses ultrasound energy waves to lift and tone the skin on the face and neck. This breakthrough medical procedure is a popular alternative to other treatments for skin tightening. Far less invasive than a facelift, there is no risk of scarring and treatment is done on an outpatient basis. There is also little to no downtime after the procedure, and you can get right back to your regular routine. Dr. David Sayah performs ultrasound rejuvenation or ultherapy using Ulthera™, the newest and most advanced modality for this non-invasive procedure.*

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What Is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is an FDA-approved medical procedure that uses ultrasound rays to target the muscle and tissue below the skin. Previously, this supportive framework of the face was impossible to reach without surgery. While surface treatments may temporarily diminish the appearance of wrinkles on the surface of the face, unless underlying muscular changes are addressed as well, the face will continue to sag and wrinkle with time. Over the years, it becomes clear that surface treatment methods like laser resurfacing or chemical peels are only temporary solutions.

What to Expect During the Procedure

During the Ulthera™ procedure, ultrasound imaging is used to see the different layers of tissue that are targeted during the treatment process. This ensures that the ultrasound waves are directed exactly where they will be the most effective.

  • Focusing this directed energy below the skin’s surface helps* :
  • Stimulates the creation of new collagen in the treated areas
  • Minimize the signs of aging as treated areas continue to lift and tone further on their own
  • Develop a youthful firmness to the skin

A full round of Ulthera™ treatment will take about an hour for the entire face, and half that for a partial treatment. Ultherapy skin rejuvenation will lift the forehead and brow, causing the eyes to look more open and alert. The end result is a subtle, refreshed appearance with firmer skin.*

Some patients feel discomfort during the treatment itself, but this is temporary and should abate quickly. This is considered a positive sign that ultrasonic energy is being deposited appropriately in the targeted areas, and the initiation of collagen-building has begun. Patients may see slight redness at the treatment area, which should dissipate within an hour or so after leaving the office. A minority of patients may experience a little swelling, tenderness, or tingling feeling. Again, these are only temporary and should not be troublesome.

After the Procedure

Since Ultherapy is noninvasive, there is no downtime following the procedure. The skin’s surface is never broken, so extra healing time isn’t needed before getting back to your regular routine. Although some patients may see evidence of the treatment initially, the real results build up over the next few months with the renewal of collagen production.

As new collagen levels keep building up, improvements will continue being seen over the next several months. The results of Ultherapy are permanent, with new collagen production continuing beyond a year following treatment.*

However, the skin does continue to age, so touch-ups with Ulthera™ may be necessary over time. Most patients only require one Ulthera™ treatment, although some may benefit from additional ultrasound rejuvenation procedures; every individual’s body will have a different biological response to the ultrasound waves and the stimulation of collagen production.

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