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Skin Care Treatments in Beverly Hills

Keep Your Skin Looking Beautiful & Youthful

The skin care treatments at our Beverly Hills Center Épiderme can help you remove years from your face.* We offer a comprehensive range of skin care treatments, meeting nearly all types of cosmetic and medical needs you may have.

  • You can come to our medical spa in Beverly Hills for:
  • Pre-cancerous skin treatment
  • Laser spider vein treatment
  • Laser tattoo removal

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Pre-Cancerous Therapy

Pre-cancerous skin lesions, such as Actinic Keratosis, can be selectively treated with prescription Effudex or Aldara. These typically invisible lesions will "light up" after a series of treatments and eventually disappear. It also serves to reverse other signs of aging such as fine lines. This treatment is unique to Épiderme and extremely popular among patients with moderate to severe sun damage.*

Laser Spider Vein Treatment

Small clusters of red, blue or purple blood vessels that appear on the thighs, legs, and even face can be treated with the Épiderme's YAG laser.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Unwanted tattoos can be removed with laser treatments. Different laser systems are typically necessary to treat each particular color within the tattoo.

Whatever your needs are, Dr. Sayah can help you restore a beautiful glow to your skin.*

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