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Beverly Hills Liposuction for Men

Composing the Body You’ve Always Wanted

Many plastic surgeons focus on liposuction for women, to perform the procedure in a manner that creates the soft, supple curves found attractive in women. Liposuction has to be performed differently for men, creating sharp lines and impressive, protruding features. Dr. Sayah has spent the last 15 years of his practice mastering this art, and now the dream body you’ve always wanted can be achieved.*

Call our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon at the Sayah Institute for the chiseled abs, imposing back, and defined legs you thought were only possible with years spent in the gym.

Dr. Sayah’s Single-Port Technique

Our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon takes great pride in performing single-port liposuction in most patients where fat at the abdomen is removed through one, small, hidden incision to remove excess fat at the abdomen. Fat at the abdomen is removed one drop at a time with a thin cannula in gentle, deliberate movements to sculpt the eight pack and accentuate the oblique muscles.*

For those wanting to take it to the next level, the aspirated fat can be reinjected into the abdominal muscles to enhance the size of the eight packs and the obliques, creating a statuary figure.*

Your Ideally Formed Abdomen

The coveted eight pack at the male abdomen has been the goal of every single training and diet regimen. A healthy lifestyle with exercise and good eating habits are definitely the most important means of accomplishing fitness and the statuary figure. For those who have tried this but faced challenges either because of genetics or simply life’s many obstacles, sculpting is the next option.

Creating Your Bulging Back

Imagining the perfect male figure, we all think of the prominent latissimus dorsi muscles, the sculpted back, and the defined waistline. Yet the back is often overlooked when considering liposuction. With thicker skin than the abdomen, the back is typically easier than the abdomen for liposuction and more forgiving. Using a single small hidden incision between the buttocks, excess fat is removed, and creases are smoothed out to sculpt an aesthetic back. Recovery is simple and rewards tremendous.*

Building Your Toned Lower Body

Though rare in men, excess fat in men’s lower extremities or legs can be considerably improved with liposuction. While curvy, soft figured contour is seen as beautiful in women, a sculpted highly defined muscular contour is ideal in men. Accentuated quadriceps, hamstring and calf muscles are the quintessential features of a perfectly cut male figure.

This high definition figure can be sculpted with great detail by performing liposuction using small, hidden incisions. As with other liposuction procedures, numbing fluid is injected throughout the areas to be sculpted and the excess fat aspirated with small cannulas. One droplet of fat is removed at a time until the perfect figure is sculpted. The shape of your muscles can be customized to fit your vision.*

Understanding Risk & Recovery

Every surgery carries with it a certain degree of risk. The most prominent of which are bleeding, infection, swelling, and discomfort. These risks are minimal in standard, aesthetic procedures and made even scarcer in the hands of a qualified and experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon as Dr. Sayah.*

With that said, most patients of these liposuction and sculpting procedures will enjoy a quick, 2-3 day recover. Applying prescribed antibiotics and refraining from straining or explosive movement is advised for that duration, but the majority of patients enjoy great rewards at very minimal risk.

For more information or to schedule your free consultation with our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, call (310) 385-0000 today! We looking forward to helping you achieve your bodily aspirations.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Am I a Candidate for Liposuction?

    Most patients are good candidates for liposuction. You are encouraged to consult with Dr. Sayah about your areas of concern and to discuss treatment options. Our team of nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and endocrinologists will assess your current physical status and optimize your exercise regimen and nutrition. Dr. Sayah emphasizes a practical yet conservative approach to liposuction to achieve natural results with excellent overall proportion after surgery.

    Will the Fat Come Back in Other Body Parts?

    Your body is essentially a bank account for calories. Every day you consume certain calories and burn off some calories through your daily activities. If you take in more calories than you burn off on any day, your body saves the accumulated calories as fat, muscle or glycogen. On the other hand, if you burn more calories than you take in, you use up calorie storages from your fat, muscle or glycogen. Liposuction essentially decreases the fat storage capacity at the particular area which has fat removed. So if you continue your healthy lifestyle and continue to maintain your weight, then you will not accumulate more fat elsewhere. On the other hand, If you gain a considerable amount of weight (more than 10 lbs), your body will need to store the fat somewhere. It then stores more of the fat in areas which have not had liposuction. If your weight fluctuates less than 10 lbs, the location of the fat gain will likely go unnoticed. So plan on a healthy lifestyle after liposuction and enjoy your figure forever.

    Is Cellulite Due to Excess Fat?

    Cellulite is due to dimpling in the skin as connective tissue anchors the skin to the deeper structure below. While cellulite worsens with fat gain as the skin tents upwards, cellulite is not only due to excess fat. In those with cellulite but minimal to no excess fat, the skin irregularities and dimpling can be due to decreased skin elasticity or thin cords of connective tissue below the skin. Fine liposuction improves cellulite by breaking such cords and improving skin elasticity by inducing scarring under the skin.

    Dr. Sayah offers advanced cellulite removal treatments, including Thermage.

    What Happens to the Loose Skin after Liposuction?

    In most cases, the skin has enough elasticity or “spring” to tighten after liposuction. As we age, our skin continually loses its elasticity. An excellent analogy is going from spandex which is very elastic to linen with no elasticity at all. In those with borderline skin elasticity, judicial and conservative liposuction is extremely important in avoiding issues with loose skin after surgery. In those with minimal skin elasticity, the more fat is removed from the area, the more loose skin results. Liposuction can be effective in those with poor skin elasticity. Those with poor skin elasticity simply have to accept minor skin excess post-operatively. Other surgical procedures may be necessary for conjunction with liposuction to effectively address the loose skin.

    How Will Pregnancy Affect My Liposuction Results?

    Not all women gain extreme amounts of fat during pregnancy. Regardless, the physical changes of pregnancy don’t necessarily negate the effects of liposuction. In fact, if you have had liposuction of troubling areas on your body, you will not gain much fat at the liposuctioned areas during pregnancy. If you are going to be pregnant in the next six months, Dr. Sayah recommends holding off on liposuction until your body has returned to its normal state after your delivery and nursing.

    What Are the Risks of Liposuction?

    Any medical procedure has associated risks just like most decisions in our lives. In expert hands, liposuction is very safe with minimal risks. The potential risks include scarring, infection, unevenness, contour irregularity, excess loose skin, need for additional surgery, and injury to surrounding areas such as nerves or organs. Dr. Sayah chooses tactically placed minimal incisions which lead to small hidden scars. You are placed on prophylactic antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection. Using micro-liposuction techniques, Dr. Sayah removes fat in very small amounts thereby reducing the incidence of contour abnormalities. Judicial conservative liposuction in imperative avoidance of most risks associated with liposuction.

    What Is the Right Age for Liposuction?

    Liposuction is typically recommended for adults only as the body continues to evolve and grow throughout adolescent years. Boys with gynecomastia (excessively large breasts) and women with development abnormalities of their breasts (Poland’s syndrome) or breast tumors are exceptions to this rule as they can have liposuction at younger ages based on the severity of their problems.

    When Can I Resume My Normal Activities after Liposuction?

    You are encouraged to walk around even on the day of your liposuction. You should increase your activity daily until you are fully running at two weeks post-operatively. On your regular follow-up visits, your activity level will be modified based on how you are healing. Remember to drink plenty of fluids after our liposuction procedure particularly if you are active.

    How Much Fat Can Be Removed with Liposuction?

    The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, as well as many State Medical Boards, recommend limiting outpatient liposuction volume to 5 liters. More than 5 liters may be removed if liposuction is performed in a hospital setting. This guideline was established to ensure patient safety and minimize liposuction complications. To give you a better perspective, more than 90 percent of patients will require removal of fewer than 5 liters regardless of this guideline. Liposuction is probably not the best solution in the extremely obese who should try weight loss through other modalities.

    How Do I Correct Problems with Past Liposuction by Another Surgeon?

    As with any revision surgery, correction of problems from past liposuction is possible but more difficult than the first time around liposuction. Dr. Sayah specializes in revision surgery. Using Micro-liposuction, fat is removed in small amounts at areas of deformity. The harvested fat can also be purified and stem-cell enriched to be injected into divots or dimpled areas which are present from prior liposuction.

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