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Statuary Body Sculpting

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery for Ideal Form

Statuary body sculpting refers to the ability of our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to mold bodies into the ideal form that was perhaps initially introduced to the modern world by the artists of ancient and classical Greece. As an accomplished artist himself, Dr. Sayah combines his vision with practiced surgical skills in hand-crafting tight but lush curves in women, and sharp, accentuating muscles in men.*

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Male Body Sculpting

The ideal man’s figure is well-defined with prominent muscles showing through the skin with minimal fat and sharp angles creating straight lines and shadows. Moving from top to bottom, the complete aesthetic starts with a straight nose, angular and clean jawline, accentuated by a sharp neck.

Toward the torso and finishing with the lower body, the classically attractive male boasts a wide chest, etched abdomen with eight bulging muscles, obliques gleaming at each side to allude to the latissimus dorsi muscles – which give the formidable appearance of a cobra from behind – and everything narrowing down to a brief waist that leads to long, well-defined, muscular legs.

This figure of the attractive male was imprinted in western culture by admirers millennia ago, and it still reigns as the most desired form today. Thought before only to be achieved by favorable genetics and utmost devotion to exercise, it is now obtainable through the skilled hands of Dr. Sayah.

Establishing the Ideal Female Form

In contrast, we view an attractive female figure to be soft, flowing with curves starting at the nose and continuing to the breasts, waistline, hips, buttocks, and of course the slender, mildly toned legs.

This stark contrast between figures in men and women must be considered when performing body contouring, and it takes a complete understanding of both what is desired and how to accomplish it with the available, surgical techniques. Dr. Sayah is the ideal choice for these procedures.*

The Practice of Statuary Body Sculpting

In those seeking a perfect figure, liposuction must be complemented with fat grafting. Excess fat is removed throughout the body to reveal intrinsic muscles and bone structure. The aspirated fat is then purified, re-injected into the muscles to accentuate size and appearance, creating angles and shadows.*

Soft tissues from the face to the calves are injected to sculpt the male figure as one would see in a statue. The pectoralis muscles are augmented to be wide and prominent. Then, each band of the rectus abdominis is injected with enough fat to create an unquestionable eight pack.*

The biceps and triceps, along with the calves, are injected one droplet at a time to bring them to balance with the rest of the sculpted figure. To distinguish this thorough approach to body contouring from basic liposuction, we call it “statuary body sculpting.”*

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