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Beverly Hills Calf Augmentation

Completing the Ideal Figure

Having the perfect figure is foremost related to size and proportion. Just like a nose which can seem too large or small for the face, the calves have to be proportionate in size to the rest of the body, particularly in relation to the thighs. With liposuction and fat injection, this look is highly achievable.*

The Problem of the Thin Calf

In too many men and women with strong upper bodies, the lower body lacks in projection and curves. Often genetic, the thin calf typically doesn’t respond to calf exercises and is often overlooked when addressing body contouring. The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Sayah, has dedicated his nearly 15-year-old practice to perfecting the ideal look of every aspect of the body using his technology.*

The Solution for Undefined Calves

Fat injection is a simple and safe technique to enhance the shape and size of the calves. Liposuction is used to remove fat from other areas of the body. Common areas for liposuction remain the abdomen and back to sculpt the upper body while augmenting the legs. The harvested fat is injected into the calf muscles (soleus and gastrocnemius) to enhance each on using very small hidden incisions.

As with a 3-D printer, the fat is injected one small droplet at a time until the desired calf shape is achieved. The procedure is quite safe with minimal downtime. Of course, the areas liposuctioned to harvest the fat are also improved and sculpted to achieve a statuary figure.*

Calf Augmentation for Women vs. Men

Calf augmentation surgery is desired in men and women, usually for different reasons. For the majority of women, calf augmentation is desired not for the look of strength but the look of proportion. A moderately defined calf, when properly sized, complements the full look of the leg by appearing proportional to the size of the thighs. Definition is often more subtle, with soft appearing curves.*

Men usually want calf augmentation for the purposes of a fully-rounded lower body. Strong looking calves not only look better with well-defined thighs, but they give men the total look of agility, fitness, and strength, especially if the upper body previously served as an excessive contrast in size.*

What to Expect in Recovery

Compared to most other cosmetic procedures, calf augmentation surgery requires little recovery. Our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon at The Sayah Institute will instruct that you avoid walking for several days after the surgery, which is the primary challenge. Walking can normally resume after about 7-10 days, but heavy lifting or exercising of the calves should be avoided for a period of roughly a month.

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