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Male Breast Reduction in Beverly Hills

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Gynecomastia, or the development of male breasts, is a very common condition in men. Estimates suggest that between 40 and 60 percent of the male population experience gynecomastia sometime during their lives. Although for some men, the development of male breasts can be due to hormonal imbalance; there is no known cause for the majority of gynecomastia cases.

Gynecomastia surgery, commonly called male breast reduction, is one of the top cosmetic procedures performed on male patients. Through a combination of surgical removal of glandular tissue and liposuction to eliminate excess fat in the male breast area, Dr. David Sayah can restore more masculine definition to the upper chest. Enlarged male breasts aren’t just the result of gaining a little too much weight, and can’t be resolved by incorporating more targeted chest exercise into your workout routine.

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Who Is the Right Candidate?

The procedure for reducing the appearance of male breasts will vary, depending on whether the enlargement is caused by glandular tissue, fatty deposits, or a combination of both. The combination approach is the most common, although some men may see good results from liposuction alone.

The best candidates for male breast reduction surgery are those who are already in good health physically and mentally, and who have realistic expectations about the results of their procedure. Although gynecomastia is commonly seen in older men, the ideal candidates should be young enough to still have a firm elasticity to their skin. Severely overweight men are usually encouraged to pursue diet and exercise as the first line of defense against male breast development before considering surgery.

During the Procedure

During the surgery, Dr. Sayah will flatten and enhance the sharper contours of the male chest. An anesthetic will be administered to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure. In cases where the breast appearance is primarily the result of fatty tissue, Dr. Sayah will make a small incision just large enough to allow a cannula, or hollow surgical tube, to pass through. Using ultrasonic-assisted liposuction to target the fat cells and leave the blood vessels and surrounding fibrous muscle tissue undisturbed, Dr. Sayah will emulsify the fat cells before gently suctioning them away.*

If breast appearance is caused by the growth of glandular tissue, Dr. Sayah will make an incision that’s designed to be hidden within the natural contours of the chest, either at the crease below the breast or around the nipple. Through the incision, Dr. Sayah will remove the excess glandular tissue, and may simultaneously incorporate liposuction for fine-tuning if needed.

In cases where the condition has caused displacement of the nipple or has stretched out the areola, Dr. Sayah can also surgically remove excess skin and reposition the nipples to improve the aesthetic appearance of your chest.

After the Procedure

After your surgery, Dr. Sayah will apply dressings or bandages to the incision sites. A compression garment may be recommended to help encourage your chest into new contours while minimizing swelling during the initial healing stages. You should expect to take it easy at first, although most men can return to work and their normal daily routine in about a week. The length of recovery does vary depending on the level of correction needed and individual response to surgery.*

An over-the-counter medication like Tylenol can be used to help control any discomfort, although stronger medication is available for men who need extra relief. Gentle walking after surgery is encouraged, and ice packs can be used to relieve post-operative swelling.

Although the results of gynecomastia are permanent, subsequent weight gain does have the potential to settle again in the breast area. However, glandular tissue will not return again after removal. The final results of gynecomastia will reveal firmer, stronger lines throughout the chest for a more sculpted appearance.*

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Male Breast Reduction

    What Is Gynecomastia?

    Gynecomastia is the development of breasts in men. This can occur at any age, although it is commonly seen as a response to the hormone fluctuations during either adolescence or in older men. In true gynecomastia, the breasts are composed of both glandular tissue and fatty tissue. However, many men may have the appearance of breasts due to fat tissue alone. The majority of gynecomastia cases have no known cause.

    What Is Male Breast Reduction?

    Male breast reduction is a surgical technique that helps men restore the masculine lines of their chests. Through a combination of surgical excision and liposuction, the excess tissue is removed, and men can enjoy a more muscular appearance again.

    Am I a Candidate?

    The ideal candidate for male breast reduction will notice the development of breasts on the upper chest, either due to fat deposits or abnormal glandular tissue growth, that have not been resolved through diet or exercise. Candidates should be in good health both mentally and physically, and maintain realistic expectations about the results of their surgery.

    Will Insurance Cover My Procedure?

    In many cases, male breast reduction is covered by insurance. We are happy to work with your insurance company so that you have coverage for the procedure. If you have any detailed questions about insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

    Can I Combine Male Breast Reduction with Other Procedures?

    It’s very common to combine male breast reduction with additional procedures that sculpt the chest and abdomen. Liposuction is often incorporated as part of the surgical process, but may be used through other areas of the belly or torso for fine tuning. A male tummy tuckcan also help slim the lines of the midsection to complement your chest.

    How Do I Choose the Right Surgeon for My Male Breast Reduction?

    A board certified plastic surgeon who has extensive training in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery will deliver the best possible results. You should also choose a surgeon you feel comfortable with, and one whose before and after photos make you feel confident in their work. Some patients choose a surgeon based on recommendations from friends and family who have undergone male breast reduction with good results.

    Will My Results Look Natural?

    The goal of every male breast reduction is to deliver natural results that leave patients feeling more positive about their bodies, not looking “done”. Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience will go a long way toward ensuring a great outcome.

    When Will I See Results?

    You should notice a difference in your appearance almost immediately, although any bruising or swelling will initially disguise your improvements. After a month or two, you should have a good idea of your final results, although many patients continue seeing progress even after this time.

    Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

    Although gynecomastia surgery is a permanent procedure that will improve the appearance your chest, it will not prevent future weight gain in the area. Your chest will continue to change due to age and other factors, although you will notice a significant improvement compared to not having chosen surgery at all.*

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