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Beverly Hills Chest Sculpting Surgery

Pectoral Augmentation for the Fuller, Stronger Looking Chest

A well-defined chest with large pectoralis muscles is inarguably a sign of fitness. A statuesque male figure always has a full chest and prominent eight packs at the abdomen. This look is achievable with chest sculpting surgery, performed by an experienced and talented Beverly Hills surgeon.

Dr. Sayah has nearly 15 years of experience practicing as a plastic surgeon. If you are looking for the enlarged and carefully sculpted chest you’ve always wanted, call our offices today for a free consultation.

Am I Good Candidate?

Chest sculpting is a fairly standard procedure, and for this reason, most considering the surgery are qualified. There are, however, a few factors that increase risk or decrease the potential benefit.

Those who meet the following questions may be less than desirable for the procedure:

  • Body Mass Index over 35
  • Over 50 Years Old
  • Heart Conditions or Diabetes

It’s important to note that because an individual fits within these categories does not necessarily mean that he or she will be denied the surgery. In your free consultation with our esteemed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, all risk factors will be carefully taken into consideration before any decisions are made.

Understanding the Procedure

The pectoral augmentation procedure starts with liposuction from areas of excess fat to sculpt the body. and injection of the aspirated fat into the pectoralis muscles to accentuate them. The harvested fat is injected in micro-droplets similar to a 3-D printer until the desired shape and size are achieved.

Fat injection theoretically alleviates the concerns of fat gain in unwanted places, as any major gain would lead to a larger chest. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of lost fat in unwanted areas. Taking fat away from the abdomen, for instance, completes the look of a strong chest and tighter abs.*

Call (310) 905-8405​ for your free consultation with Dr. Sayah. The body of your dreams and the riddance of your self-consciousness maybe just a call and a meeting away.

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