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Fat Grafting for Men

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

Fat grafting is the relatively simple solution for your misplaced fat. Men want to be big in some areas and trim in others, too seldom they find that those areas are mismatched. With fat grafting technology by Dr. Sayah of his Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice, The Sayah Institute, fat can be extracted from unwanted areas, treated for texture, injected, and molded into the tight muscle where you want it.*

The Question of Gaining Weight Post-Operation

One of the most common questions asked after liposuction is, “where does the fat go if I were to gain weight?” Mild to moderate weight fluctuations are tolerated well and don’t really go to only a single area. In patients having their own fat (autologous) removed from unwanted areas and re-injected back into desired areas, there are obviously more fat cells in the injected area.*

With severe degrees of weight gain, the accumulated calories actually go to the injected areas in a greater proportion than would have without any fat injection.*

Abdomen – Rectus Augmentation

Often it’s not enough to just sculpt the figure with liposuction. As much as someone’s exiting anatomy can be removed, the shape can be taken one step further by enhancing the anatomic structure.

The abdomen is the perfect location in the body to enhance an existing structure to make the male figure more statuary. After removing the excess fat at the abdomen and love handles, the aspirated fat is purified and injected into each individual part of the rectus abdominis muscle.

Each of the eight packs are enlarged in this manner with the injected fat to enhance their size, thereby creating a truly statuesque figure. The oblique muscles are similarly injected with the harvested fat or even augmented by injecting the fat over the muscles to create a sculpted athletic figure.*

Chest - Pectoralis Augmentation

Referring to male statues from far back in history, strong chest muscles and a prominent eight pack have long demonstrated male beauty, fitness, and health for all to admire. While some men are truly gifted in this area and work hard at maintaining their perfect figures, most other men have a disadvantage.

With refined surgical techniques, fat is removed from the chest and abdomen to highlight existing muscles. Instead of discarding the liposuctioned fat, the fat is purified and re-injected into the pectoralis major muscles on the chest. The technique involves injecting small droplets of fat, similar to a 3-D printer, to achieve the enlarged pectoral muscles men envy.*

Some of the harvested fat can also be injected into the abdominal muscles to enhance the eight packs. Each injected muscle appears and functions normally, but in an enlarged capacity. Incisions are minimal and well hidden. Of course the more areas suctioned and sculpted, the more diffuse your soreness. Account for 5 to 6 days of down time from work.*

Arms – Biceps and Triceps Augmentation

While it’s uncommon for men to have excess fat at their arms, it is common to have smaller than desired biceps and triceps muscles. We all know the aesthetic appeal of large muscular arms which are more proportionate to a sculpted figure. As with the abdomen or the chest, liposuctioned fat can be purified and injected into the biceps and triceps to enhance their size.*

Based on how much fat is available from your liposuction and the order of preference of your anatomy you wish to enhance, the harvested fat is injected in very small droplets, similar to a 3-D printer, into the muscles of the upper arm. The muscles don’t have to be extraordinarily large, but enhanced to create a more statuesque figure. Incisions are small and well-hidden and down time is minimal.*

Shoulders - Deltoid Augmentation

Shoulder enhancement with fat grafting is crucial when considering augmenting the male upper body. Wide powerful shoulders bring enlarged pectoralis and a narrower more defined abdomen into proportion. The procedure begins with removing excess fat to sculpt your areas of concern. Dr. Sayah can perform meticulous liposuction using small cannulas to bring out your existing musculature, curves and lean figure. The aspirated fat is then purified and injected into your deltoid muscles in small droplets to accentuate the muscles to your preferred size and proportion. A minimal hidden incision is used to inject the fat which is then sutured to assure excellent scarring.

As with enhancement of other muscles at your body, the results are immediate. Some of the injected fat does dissipate over the first 6 months, but the majority of the fat stays with you. Your deltoid muscles will feel firm and strong with accentuation of their size as you contract your shoulder muscles as with lifting, or pushing. Of the various anatomic areas augmented, the shoulders would probably be best combined with augmentation of other areas. Dr. Sayah typically combines shoulder or deltoid augmentation with augmentation of your arms or refinement of your abdominal contour.

Buttock augmentation

There is no better way to attract attention to your derriere than a perfect buttock. But not everyone is genetically gifted to have the most ideal shape or size to their buttock. Dr. Sayah is able to sculpt your buttock with liposuction using a single minimal hidden scars at your buttock crease. The excess fat is removed in small droplets until the ideal shape is achieved. The size of your buttock can then be enlarged using your own fat. If you’re interested in a sculpted more athletic buttock, the fat is injected into your gluteus maximus muscles in small microdroplets to enhance their size. For those interested in a softer look, your own fat is injected into the soft tissue as well as the gluteus maximus muscles. This creates a rounder and softer result*

In some patients who have excess fat at the lower back or thighs, their perfect butt is obscured by the surrounding anatomy. Removing the excess fat at the lower back and thighs using meticulous liposuction, sculpts your figure to accentuate or bring out the shape of your existing buttock. Coupled with fat injection, this technique will of course make your buttock even more prominent.

Calf Augmentation

Especially here in Beverly Hills, where plenty of skin is comfortably shown year-round, men wish to have strong, protruding calves to accentuate the tone of their legs. Defined legs are desired to complete the overall aesthetic, as men often fear the top-heavy look of a solid torso perched atop slim, fragile-looking legs. With fat grafting technology, this look can be corrected and the ideal one achieved*

When deciding on which body parts to enhance with fat grafting, it’s recommended to make a priority list numbering each body part in your preferred order.

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