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Fat Transfer & Body Contouring in Beverly Hills

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Men and women who are looking for cosmetic enhancement without implants or synthetic fillers, fat transfer may offer the ideal solution. After removal from one area of the body, often the belly, the patient’s own fat cells can then be immediately used for other cosmetic procedures, or even banked and stored for future use.

To learn more about how fat transfer can help you meet your cosmetic goals both now and in the future, call The Sayah Institute. Dr. Sayah is a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills!

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The Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat transfer is the process of removing stem-cell-rich fatty tissue from one area of the body, typically the abdomen, and carefully moving the living cells to a different area while preserving their integrity. This process takes place in two stages: the withdrawal process and the transfer process. These are often scheduled simultaneously as a single procedure, but may be performed separately instead.

Tumescent liposuction is the most efficient process for collecting the active cells. First, the donor area is saturated with a sterile saline solution, which helps break apart the fatty deposits for easier removal while minimizing potential damage to the cell structure.

Utilizing the Fat from Other Areas

After withdrawing the cells with gentle suction, Dr. Sayah ensures that any impurities are removed before relocation, using carefully layered injections for maximum impact and the most positive results. The viable cells will then thrive in their new location, adding a layer of fatty tissue where it’s needed the most. In some cases, the procedure may be repeated for a more excellent outcome.

  • There are many areas throughout the body that can benefit from stem cell fat transfer:
  • Breast Enhancement: Fat cells can be used for breast augmentation to increase breast size without implants for a very natural look and feel, and can also be incorporated as part of breast reconstruction.
  • Lines and Wrinkles: Fatty tissue may be used as a filler for deeper lines and wrinkles caused by volume loss rather than using injectable fillers.
  • Buttocks Augmentation: Fat can also be transferred to the bottom for extra shape and volume, creating sexier, curvier contours.*

Rather than using the cells immediately, fat banking is another option that’s available for patients. During fat banking, the cells are stored for future rather than immediate use, preserving the stem-cell rich environment in its integrity.*

After the Procedure

After your procedure, you may feel a little sore in the donor area where liposuction was performed, while the recipient site may feel swollen or tight initially as your body adapts to your new shape. Most patients report little to no discomfort following their fat transfer. It’s important to wear your compression garment as advised by Dr. Sayah and drink plenty of fluids throughout your recovery. Dr. Sayah encourages you to walk around your house to promote better circulation and faster healing.

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