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Beverly Hills Labiaplasty Surgery

Revitalizing Your Most Intimate Region

Labiaplasty is the aesthetic procedure intended to relieve women of the uncomfortable look and feel of enlarged or excessive tissue in the labia. The condition is known as labia hypertrophy and has a number of different causal factors – while many women are born with enlarged labia, it’s also brought about quite frequently after puberty, after childbirth, and as a natural result of aging.

The condition causes women several different discomforts, and as more women are aware of their options for correction, labiaplasty becomes more popular. When searching for a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to handle this delicate procedure, you cannot be too careful. Dr. Sayah of The Sayah Institute has nearly 15 years of experience, offers free consultations, and is globally recognized in his field.

Determining If Labiaplasty Is Right for You

While many women born with labia hypertrophy do not experience physical pain or discomfort from the condition, thousands of others do, and this physical pain is often coupled with emotional trauma.

Among the many discomforts thousands of women across the globe experience are:

  • Pain during exercise
  • Chronic infections
  • Irritation during intercourse
  • Discomfort in tight clothing
  • General self-consciousness

Labia hypertrophy is a unique condition that can highlight physical pain, emotional distress, and quite often a combination of the two. Even if your condition is not a matter of medical urgency, reshaping the look of your labia could remove those limitations and reveal a more confident, liberated you.*

Understanding the Surgery

Labia consist of two essential parts – the labia major (outer lips of the vagina) and the labia minor (inner lips of the vagina). They exist to protect the even more sensitive parts such as the clitoris and the vagina itself. Labia hypertrophy can occur as the enlargement of either the labia major or the labia minor.

Depending on which labia are enlarged or affected, and the degree to which each are enlarged or affected, Dr. Sayah will make symmetrically placed excisions, removing tissue in some cases and often over-sewing the remaining edges back into the inside surfaces of the labia. The result is a reduced outward appearance of the labia and an overall more discreet and comfortable vagina.

What to Expect In Recovery

Because these procedures are minimally invasive and relatively routine, labiaplasty patients can expect a short recovery time of roughly 2-4 weeks.* During this period of recovery, it is strongly advised that you refrain from sexual intercourse and regularly apply antibiotics, as well as any other prescription.

During your free consultation with our internationally-renowned, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Sayah will personally address with you your deepest concerns and fears related to the condition and surgery. It is important that all risks are understood and that full confidence is established before surgery.

Call (310) 385-0000 today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Sayah. Finally, take control over your labia hypertrophy, and reveal the freer, more confident you.

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