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Beverly Hills Thigh Lift Procedure

Trust Your Beauty to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

With advancing age, our skin loses its elasticity and accumulates fat in unwanted places. The fat feels noticeable as it rubs together, and looks noticeable as it moves while walking. The thigh lift (thighplasty) procedure can correct this problem by excising the excess fat and redundant skin.

Dr. Sayah takes a thorough approach to giving you a beautiful and youthful figure. Each factor leading to the appearance of your thighs is addressed in detail to assure optimal results. You will be started on a regimen to assure long-lasting results from your plastic surgery including:

  • Healthy diet / lifestyle
  • Exercise
  • Excellent skin care
  • Massages

Preparing for Your Surgery

You will benefit from increasing your body's metabolic rate while you prepare for surgery. To reduce scarring, you will also be started on a skin care regimen of excellent body creams. Each of these issues will be addressed in detail based on your particular needs.

The SayahInstitute has made arrangements at the EQUINOX and other sports clubs for reduced fees for our patients and strongly encourages you to take advantage of this opportunity.

To contour the fat in your thighs, Dr. Sayah may recommend liposuction (liposculpture). Using a fine cannula (a hollow tube), the excess fat is carefully sculpted to produce your optimal figure. The excess skin on your thigh is then excised as necessary.

To discuss liposculpture or other procedures to go along with your thigh lift, call (310) 385-0000. Dr. Sayah is ready to help you enjoy the ultimate beauty.

The Thighplasty Procedure

A thigh lift (thighplasty) can either be done alone, in conjunction with a liposculpture procedure, a tummy tuck, or with other procedures you might desire. During your consultation, Dr. Sayah will help you decide which option is best for you. Before the procedure, Dr. Sayah will examine you and plan the operation.

  1. Markings will be made of your excess fat, skin, areas of concern, and skin irregularities.
  2. The surgery is best done with a light general anesthesia, with long-acting local anesthetics added to minimize postoperative pain.
  3. After you are asleep, the surgery begins with the injection of a long-acting local anesthetic to keep you comfortable long after the procedure is over. If excess fat is present, your thighs are sculpted by liposuction.
  4. Next, the excess skin is excised with a particular technique such that the final scars will be hidden in the groin crease.
  5. The most important aspect of this surgery is the final closure. The key technique in this procedure is to secure the skin to the tough fascia covering your muscles at the groin to prevent the scars from migrating down your leg over time.
  6. Dr. Sayah then closes the surgical wounds in multiple layers to maintain the scars as a fine line after they are healed. An outer thigh lift is typically performed with a tummy tuck or body lift surgery.
  7. The final scars for an outer thigh lift are at the waistline so they can be well hidden by bikini bottoms or briefs. A multi-layer closure is the again key to minimally thin scars.
  8. You will have a plastic drain in each thigh to collect any fluid that normally accumulates during the healing process. The drains do not cause any pain and are removed a few days after surgery.

After the Procedure

On the day of surgery, you will be perfectly comfortable and pain-free due to the long-acting local anesthetics used by Dr. Sayah. You may start with clear liquids and slowly advance your diet to regular solid food as you tolerate. Take your medications as prescribed. The post-surgical compression garment should remain on you for the next 6-8 weeks, removing the garment every 4 hours for about 15 minutes.

The first day after surgery will be the most difficult. You may resume a regular diet on this day. Dr. Sayah encourages you to walk around the house with assistance today. Do not spend prolonged periods of time in bed as it may decrease blood circulation in your legs and lead to avoidable complications.

Dr. Sayah will also provide you with a list of herbal medications to reduce swelling and bruising after surgery. The drains are removed a few days after surgery. The office staff will be contacting you daily to assure your comfort and that you are progressing well. You should anticipate limited activity for the first week after surgery. Dr. Sayah will instruct you on your specific activities as you progress through your recovery.

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