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Patient: 496 Breast Augmentation

This 46-year-old woman came to the office of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Sayah with concerns about her breasts’ size and appearance. After two pregnancies the patient felt as though her breasts had gotten smaller and lost their youthful buoyancy. She also didn’t like the way that her wide chest made her cleavage seem too wide.

During her consultation with the doctor he explained that women who have had children often lose breast mass and it is common to notice a significant decrease in the size of their breasts. He also noted that a 4 finger separation between her breasts caused them to seem too far apart and contributed to the appearance of sagging. After being counseled on the different types of implants the patient chose to move forward with the procedure and booked surgery for a bilateral breast augmentation deciding on 475 cc smooth round saline implants. During surgery the implants were inserted under the breast fold and over the pectoral muscle.

The “after” photo you see above was taken about 9 months after the surgery and the patient is very happy with her results. As you can see, the saline implants have improved the appearance of a wide chest by providing fullness and reducing the space between her breasts. The patient loves the way her breasts look and says her chest appears slimmer and more femininely shaped.

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