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Patient: 429 Breast Augmentation

This 38-year-old woman came to the office of Dr. David Sayah because she was unhappy with the appearance of her small breasts. The patient is a mother of three children. With her youngest child starting school and out of the house she felt it was time for a makeover and booked a consultation at our Beverly Hills facility to discuss bilateral breast augmentation.

During her consultation with the doctor, she explained that after each pregnancy she had noticed a loss of tissue in each breast. She was an A cup and wanted implants that would increase her cup size to a full C. The patient also expressed concern over the slight asymmetry of her breasts, pointing out the the left breast appeared to sit slightly lower on her chest than her right. After advising the patient on different size and material options for implants, the patient chose a 400 cc moderate plus silicone implant to be inserted through an incision made through the armpit and placed under the breast muscle.

As you can see in the “after” photo, she has increased her cup size while still keeping a look that is natural to her frame and body type. Dr. Sayah was able to position the left implant higher under the muscle so that the distance between the left breast and sternum was descreased and the both breasts are more symmetrical. The patient loves her make over and is very happy with the results of her surgery

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