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Patient: 265 Breast Augmentation

This 25-year-old young woman scheduled a consultation for breast augmentation at our Beverly Hills office because she was unhappy with the size of her breasts. She also hoped that implants would help correct a slight asymmetry in her breasts by balancing their size.

During her consultation with Dr. David Sayah, the patient expressed concern over the appearance of her breasts, confiding that she felt insecure because her left breast appeared larger than her right breast. Dr. Sayah listened to the patient describe her ideal results for surgery and assured her that the asymmetry of her breasts was very slight but that implants could help reduce the appearance of asymmetry. The patient decided to move forward after the consultation and booked surgery for breast augmentation, choosing 450 cc smooth round moderate profile saline implants to be inserted through each nipple and placed under the breast muscle.

As you can see in the patient’s “after” photo, the extra volume added by the implants has not only increased the patient’s breast size but has also reduced the appearance of asymmetrical breasts. The patient says she is very happy with the way her breasts look and enjoys the new self-confidence that she feels after her surgery.

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