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Patient: 435 Breast Augmentation

This 45-year-old woman requested a consultation with Dr. David Sayah because she didn’t like the size and shape of her breasts. The patient was a size 34 B and wanted to increase her cup size to a full C or D cup.

During her consultation at our Beverly Hills office, the patient asked questions about breast augmentation surgery. She told Dr. Sayah that she had been thinking about breast implants for years but needed to be advised on the different types of implants available. Dr. Sayah took her measurements and discussed her different options for material, size and placement. He noted a moderate asymmetry of her breasts, pointing out that the left breast was slightly larger than her right breast. After reviewing her options, the patient chose 360 cc saline implants to be inserted through incisions made under her armpit and placed under her breast muscle.

During surgery, Dr. Sayah was careful to evaluate the symmetry of the patient’s breasts. When he sat the patient up to assess the results, he realized that the left breast was still slightly larger, and then injected 20cc’s into the left saline implant to even out the appearance of the patient’s breasts. She is very happy with the results of her surgery and says that the outcome is better than she could have imagined.

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