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Patient: 66 Breast Augmentation

This 17-year-old young woman was referred to the office of Dr. David Sayah for a consultation for breast augmentation. The patient was very unhappy with the appearance of her breasts. She explained that she was referred to our Beverly Hills office because she suffered from tubular breasts and was extremely concerned with the asymmetry of her breasts and nipples. She hoped that implants would increase her bra size and also provide balance to her chest.

During her consultation with Dr. Sayah, he noted a significant asymmetry of her breasts and nipples, the left breast being much larger than the right. Dr. Sayah listened to the patient describe her goals for surgery and her ideal outcome. Because she wanted to repair a congenital breast abnormality, she was not subject to the minimum age requirements for saline and silicone gel breast implants (age 18 and 22, respectively). She chose a 275 cc silicone implant to be inserted into her right breast and a 225 cc silicone implant to be inserted into the larger left breast. Both implants were inserted through incisions made around the nipple and placed above the breast muscles.

As you can see in her “after” photos, the different sized implants have evened out the size of her breasts and added balance to the appearance of her chest. She says that the surgery has improved her self-image and she is very happy with her results.

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