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Patient: 399 Breast Augmentation

This 29-year-old young woman came to the office of Dr. David Sayah with questions about breast augmentation surgery. She was unsatisfied with the size of her breasts and wanted to increase her cup size to a full D cup.

During her consultation with Dr. Sayah, she confided that she had been considering breast augmentation for years because she didn’t like the appearance of her breasts and felt that they were too saggy for a woman of her age. She felt that larger breasts would better fit her body type and implants would add the lift that she needed. Dr. Sayah spent time listening to the patient describe her ideal outcome for surgery and advised her on the different size and material options. By the end of the consultation, the patient booked surgery for bilateral breast augmentation choosing 600 cc smooth round silicone implants to be inserted through incisions made around each nipple and placed under the breast muscle.

As you can see in the “after” photo, the patient has increased her cup size to a full D cup. The patient is shown about 3 months after surgery and as you can see the incisions around her nipple are nearly invisible and should fade completely with time. The patient is very happy with the results of her surgery and feels that her breasts are the perfect size for her body.

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