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Patient: 272 Breast Augmentation

This 32-year-old woman requested a consultation with our Beverly Hills office to discuss breast augmentation surgery. The patient was concerned that her breasts had shrunken significantly after her most recent pregnancy (five months ago). The patient had been considering breast augmentation but wanted to finish breastfeeding before considering surgery.

During her consultation with Dr. Sayah, he asked the patient to describe her ideal outcome for surgery. She brought pictures of her breasts before pregnancy and explained that she wanted to restore the volume to her breasts that she had enjoyed pre-pregnancy as well as add an additional cup size. After discussing different size and material options, the patient chose 375 cc smooth round saline implants to be inserted through an incision made under her armpit and placed under her breast muscle. For extra volume the patient asked that each implant be inflated to 425 cc once inserted.

The patient is very satisfied with the outcome of her surgery. She loves the way that her breasts look and as a mother of an infant she is very happy with her fast recovery time.

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