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Patient: 280 Breast Augmentation

This 30-year-old young woman came to the office of Dr. David Sayah for a consultation for breast augmentation. The patient was unhappy with the size of her breasts and wanted to increase her bra size from a 34A to a smaller size B. She emphasized that she did not want large breasts that ‘looked like they had implants’ but wanted a slight and natural increase in her breasts size.

During her consultation with Dr. Sayah, she explained that she was an athlete and wanted to maintain small but fuller breasts. Dr. Sayah explained that implant size was not the only factor in how a patient’s breasts will look after surgery; other factors will include implant profile type and placement. The patient described her ideal breasts as having ‘no step off,” or in other words, a more graduate slope from sternum to nipple. After reviewing her implant options, for of implants the patient chose 200 cc smooth round saline implants to be inserted through an incision made through the armpit and placed beneath the breast muscle.

As you can see in the patient’s “after” photo, she has increased her bra size while still maintaining a size that is natural to her small frame. She is very happy with the way that her breasts look and says that she loves that she can still stay active.

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